“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” 

I love beauty. Not the classical stereotype everything-is-perfect kind of beauty, but more like a glimpse, a moment, a gaze of something more than just what's in front of me.

The idea behind most of my personal work is abstract, an instinct or a certain ambiance rather then a concrete subject or message. Like a musical composition is a combination of sounds, my work could be defined as a combination of elements, atmospheres, feelings and improvising.

I strive technical and emotional perfection in photography: imagery beauty, creating the right atmosphere, artistry and technique without losing the 'natural appearance' or flow of the image. In my edits I always choose subtle color changes, contrast and density in order to create a certain atmosphere and even when the edits are bigger, I always try to make them have a subtle, soft and natural feel. I always aim to create the right atmosphere on set to reduce post production to a minimum.

"My favourite photograph is the one I will be making tomorrow."


mobile: +32 475 567 616


Portraiture, fashion, beauty, atmospheric journalism.


Vogue NL, Elle Belgique, De Morgen Magazine, De Standaard Magazine, Ladies & Gentlemen, The Draft, Sabato, Marie-Claire, Rouge China, Bridge Road Campaign, 1 miljoen bomen, Ademloos, Artists United For A Better World, See Magazine, Feeling, Loving You, Furia Magazine, Flair, HUMO, Populair Photomagazine USA, THE magazine Santa Fe, Joe FM campaign, Believes Campaign, Maison Anna Heylen (all campaigns from 2010 and on), Project 10:10, Markant,  ...

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